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Pennsylvania Genealogist Stephanie Hoover


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Are you thinking about suggesting your current Pennsylvania property to a national or regional historic registry?
Perhaps you're considering buying a historic property but know very little about it.
Maybe there is a community group who has concerns about your planned purchase of an historic property.
Or... maybe you're just curious about the people who once walked the same floors you do.
Whatever the case, why not leave your Pennsylvania home history research to professionals?
We don’t just give you a list of names of previous owners. Instead, we attempt to create a comprehensive genealogical narrative about the past owners of the house or property in question.
Deed, mortgage, will and estate research is often conducted on-site, in the appropriate Pennsylvania county or counties. These details are supplemented by searches of census and tax records, county histories, family histories, historic newspapers, military records, archival holdings, electronic databases, and other pertinent resources.
Fees for house history research are based on when your home was built:
• 1900 to present: $1,250
• 1800 to 1899: $2,250
• 1700 to 1799: $3,250
Pennsylvania home history research fees cover research, associated expenses, document facsimiles, and the creation of your detailed final report.
As with all genealogical research, there are absolutely no guarantees of what may or may not be found.
To retain my services, firstly, please contact me to advise of your intention. Then, mail the following in one package:
• your name, email address and mailing address
• photocopies (not originals) of any research already conducted on the home, including the current deed
• a check made payable to “Stephanie Hoover” in the appropriate amount (listed above), mailed to: Stephanie Hoover, P. O. Box 4921, Harrisburg, PA 17111
You will receive confirmation of receipt of materials by email.
Results will be emailed or sent by postal mail (whichever is most convenient and expedient) within 60 days of receipt of materials and payment.